Scott R. Peppet is a Professor of Law at the University of Colorado's School of Law in Boulder, Colorado, where he teaches Legal Negotiation, Contracts, Deals, and conducts seminars on counseling families in business.

In addition to his academic work, Mr. Peppet has an active consulting practice working with family enterprises. In particular, he combines his experience as an attorney and expert on conflict resolution and communication to assist families with their most difficult conversations and negotiations. Prior to 2004, when he began working almost exclusively with families in business, Mr. Peppet also had an active negotiation training and consulting practice. He worked with such companies as Goldman Sachs, Lexmark, IBM, MasterCard, Monsanto, Xilinx, LL Bean, Conoco, BP, the CIBC, Bank of Montreal, and Genentech to help them improve their negotiation results and manage their strategic relationships. His work also included organizational interventions in situations of team or executive‐level crisis, where he provided negotiation and communication coaching and advice.

Scott is the author of several articles on legal ethics and dispute resolution ethics. He is the co-author of an award-winning book on negotiation titled Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes (Harvard University Press, 2000) and of a textbook titled Processes of Dispute Resolution: The Role of Lawyers (Foundation Press, 3d edition, 2002). He serves on the Supreme Court of Colorado's Standing Committee on the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, and was the Director of the Leeds School of Business First Annual Japha Symposium on Business and Professional Ethics.

Mr. Peppet has served on the Board of Directors of both private and public companies, including Anixter International Inc., GP Strategies and Pali Capital, as well as on the Board of the National Polycystic Kidney Foundation. He is a member of Equity Investment Group’s Investment Committee and Equity International’s Ownership Committee.

Mr. Peppet did his undergraduate studies in International Conflict Resolution at Cornell, and received his law degree from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review and the co‐founder and co‐editor‐in‐chief of the Harvard Negotiation Law Review.

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