1) From when can I avail my allotted accommodation?

From 26th February 2014, 3pm onwards


2) What are the documents that I am supposed to bring?

College ID card, accommodation confirmation printout and the printout of the PR ticket are compulsory.


3) When will my accommodation get confirmed?

One week prior to Pragyan you will be sent a confirmation mail


4) If my accommodation does not get confirmed can I use the facilities outside the campus?

Yes, a list of lodges and hotels close to the campus will be provided in our site soon.  Cost of accommodation and booking of rooms should be beared by participant.


5) Does the accommodation charge include food?

No but you can make use of the canteens/food stalls available during Pragyan at your own expense.


6) When does accommodation close?

1st march 2014, 23:59


7) Can I register for accommodation without registering for PR?

No, you need a valid PID to register for accommodation


8) When will I get my caution deposit back?

The caution deposit shall be refunded back at the time of vacating, provided there is no damage to the room or any other college property .


9) What are the accommodation charges?

Fees : Rs.100/- per day per person

Caution deposit : Rs.200/- per person


10) Can I vacate earlier than the registered date?

Yes, the money will be refunded accordingly.


11) Does workshop registration entitle accommodation as well?

No, you need to register separately.


12) Can I cancel accommodation after registering?

Cancellation is allowed only till 19th February 2014


13) Whom should I approach for accommodation on arrival?

You have to report at the PR/hospitality desk situated infront of the administrative block.


14) Will accommodation be provided if I arrive late in the night?

Girls are requested to arrive before 10.30pm.


15) On what basis will accommodation be confirmed?

Accommodation is provided based on first come first serve basis and nativity of the participant.


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