Remember the number of hours we spent glued to our television screens watching animated movies. All the action packed Hollywood movies to our own superstar Rajnikanth's robot enthrals us. This technology is the lifeline of our gaming world, cell phones...the virtual reality thrives on it.

ACCELERO-BOTIX is a new approach of human interface with robots. It is based on the implementation of acceleration sensor on robotics, graphics and embedded application development. Wearing a small transmitting device in your hand which has an accelerometer, you can basically command a robot, make it answer your becks and calls. One gesture and there you go. Your robot does it for you! Move on, explore, transform and dive into the world of accelerobotics!.

Technophilia, a company specializing in this area, comes to demonstrate its new-age robots at Pragyan, capable of advanced locomotion with acceleration sensors, graphics and embedded application development. This hands on Workshop will equip you with the newly developed technology in robotics. Pragyan presents the technology which finds applications in virtual reality, mobile phones, gaming solutions, animated movies etc. in its most fundamental form.

Duration : 2 consecutive days, each day 8 hrs session, properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.



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