‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’

The self‐assured and gratified human species tends to forget that some of the

most complex problems are solved by nature in the simplest conceivable

methods. Hurdles in the creation and design of technologies can be overcome by

observing the species around us, by learning from their natural implementations.

This event tests the participant’s ability to observe from the ecosystem we

live in, and apply that inspiration in the technology they aim to produce.

Cash prizes worth 30,000 INR to be won.!!!

• It is an online event.

• Consists of two rounds.


• Participants are required to make an abstract of less than 1000 words of their

  study and a brief introduction of their idea. 

Send your abstracts to

 Abstract Submission Deadline : 5th Feb,2016


• The Shortlisted participants are required to work on their ideas and present it in the

  form of a presentation explaining their solutions in detail.

• Entries are to be submitted online on or before 24th Feb,2016.

• Understanding of the bioprocess/design.

• Creativity/Innovation in the idea.

• Extent of development in the idea.

• Potential for Impact.

• Scalability.

• Economic feasibility.

• Quality of presentation.

  • Maximum of 3 members per team.
  • The abstract cannot exceed 1000 words.
  • The presentation cannot exceed 30 slides.
  1. What are the various ways in which the final project can be submitted?

    The project must be submitted as a presentation (in .pptx format)

  2. What are the various fields in which the projects may be?

    The contestants can do the projects/presentations in any field of their choice.

  3. Is prototype of the model required?

    No, the event is completely online and does not require any 

    prototypes (not mandatory)

  4. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3 ?

          Maximum of 3 people are allowed. No special credits will be given to teams with lesser number of participants.

     5.  Are UG-PG collaboration teams, cross college teams allowed ? 


     6.  Is any registration fee required ?

    No. Except for registration fee for Pragyan, no special fee is needed.







For Event queries:

Ashwin balaji   9884303915

Seshasayee    7200851635

Adithyaa          9840962364

Email us at :




For other queries:

Susanti  9629546828


Faculty Advisor:

Dr. N. Anantharaman,


Department of Chemical Engineering.





• Nature has been used to inspire many engineering innovations, from the simple

  Velcro straps that we use to the winglets on the Airbus A380.

• We require students to come up with an inspiration from nature that is feasible,

  energy efficient and can be implemented in the real world in order to make our

  lives better.

• The students are to work on their idea, analyze its pro's and con's, generate

  approximate statistics (like energy consumed per hour, pollutants released per

  hour.etc  when it is implemented on a specified scale) and prepare a

  report/presentation based on their work.

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