1. What are the various ways in which the final project can be submitted?

    The project must be submitted as a presentation (in .pptx format)

  2. What are the various fields in which the projects may be?

    The contestants can do the projects/presentations in any field of their choice.

  3. Is prototype of the model required?

    No, the event is completely online and does not require any 

    prototypes (not mandatory)

  4. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3 ?

          Maximum of 3 people are allowed. No special credits will be given to teams with lesser number of participants.

     5.  Are UG-PG collaboration teams, cross college teams allowed ? 


     6.  Is any registration fee required ?

    No. Except for registration fee for Pragyan, no special fee is needed.



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