A compact workshop charted to maximize the utilisation of all resources in hand,

holding the fun factor constantly high throughout the session. Elaborate time

slots are allotted for theoretical, practical and troubleshoot analysis of paper

planes in a single session stretching for about 2 hours, with Practical and

Troubleshoot sections being the highlight of the workshop.


 A simple and hassle free competition to test the ranges and times of flights of

your planes.

Participants are expected to register on the spot, and fold and launch the planes

abiding to the rules. Two official papers would be provided to each participant

and two planes are to be folded out of them. Three trials per participant are

allowed. Range and Time of flights will be recorded for both the trials.

Mini Competitions:

Time limited challenges which basically tests various skills related to paper planes

like folding, shooting etc. Interested Participants are allowed to choose one of the

mini competitions by paying minimum entry fee (Rs.10/-) and can show-off their

skills for winning interesting goodies.

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