• Round 1 will be for 10 points.

• Round 2 will be for 15 points.

• Teams having the highest points cumulatively in  round 1 and round 2 will be qualified for round 3.

• Points in round 1 will be based on their speed and accuracy.

•  If the participants exceed the time limit, points will be awarded based on their work.

• ‐1 point for each time participant approaches to the event manager for help.

• ‐2 points for damaging any component.

• For round 1‐

         ‐    2 points will be awarded if they complete within time limit.

         ‐    2 points when every part is assembled properly.

• Team completing the task first will be awarded with 2 points.

• If mouse is working properly 4 points will be given.

• We have the same judging criteria even for round 2 except for that with highest range of transmitter and receiver will be awarded 5 points. 

• In third round we will give points for each step and time taken to complete it.

• For e.g. assembling the car will have 10 points which will be distributed on basis of time taken, accuracy (measured from blue print) etc.

• The one who completes it first correctly will be given 5 points.

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