1.What is physics solitaire all about?

A: Solitaire is an event designed to make physics even more interesting. It is basically a game

    of cards involving physics in it.

2. How to play physics solitaire?

A: Each team will be given cards with a physics question on it. Teams have to solve the

    questions and sort the solved cards in specific manner.

3. How to sort the cards?

A: Each team will be given 9 cards.

Teams have to solve and make triplets of same kind of solved cards. Eg: (2,2,2), (K,K,K) etc.

4. What is the level of questions asked?                                       

A: Basic physics questions will be asked. These questions are designed to test your knowledge

    and interest in physics.

5. What type of questions are asked?

A: Straight answer type or single answer type questions are asked.        

6. Is there any time limit?             

A: Each game will have a maximum time limit of 20mins to 25 min. Teams have to play the game

    and sort the cards within this time limit.              

7.How is  the winner decided?     

A: Any team which makes 3 triplets within the time limit  is chosen as  winner.If none makes

    three triplets within the specified time then priority is given to the team sorting cards of higher

    preference(eg.Ace) .It depends, like winning team may have three triplets or may be less.

8. Who can participate in this event?

A: Students from any class are eligible to take part in solitaire.

9.Can we make a triplet of consecutive cards like (1,2,3),(4,5,6)?

A. No , triplets of consecutive cards will not be awarded any points.

10.What if the answer written on the card is wrong?

A. The card is not evaluated and is not considered among the triplet.

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