1. Who can participate in ADA’VENTURE?

  Students from any colleges or universities of India can participate in ADA’VENTURE.

2. If ADA’VENTURE is an event, what are Crazy Programming, Break-N-Ride and Pair Programming?

  ADA’VENTURE is an event in PRAGYAN 2016. Crazy Programming, Break-N-Ride and Pair Programming are the three sub-events which constitute ADA’VENTURE.

3. I have registered for Crazy Programming. Can I participate in Break-N-Ride and Pair Programming?

  Yes, all three events are independent of each other although they all are managed by the same team. You can participate in all the three events.

4. How many members are allowed in a team?

  All the events under ADA’VENTURE are individual events. A Participant will be participating as an individual only and no team is required.

5. My Code is getting compiled successfully in Turbo C. Will it be accepted?

  The submitted code should compile in gcc-4.4.6+ compilers. Turbo C should not be used.

6. My code is working fine on my system. In Crazy Programming, whenever I submit my code, its returning ‘incorrect code’.

  You might have used fflush() in your code. Remove fflush() and try submitting the code again.

7. When will the results be declared?

  The results will be declared on the final day of Pragyan.

8. How will the winners be informed about the results?

  The results will be updated on the leader board for that particular event.The ADA’VENTURE Team will also personally contact all the winners.

9. Will participation certificates be provided?

  The Certificates will be given to the winners only.

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