Crazy Programming

1. Everything is given a weight, and how heavy your program turns out will be the sum total of the 

weights of everything you use.

2. The weight distribution is as follows:

SR NO. Symbol/Pattern/Keyword Weight
1 FOR 5000
2 WHILE 3000
3 + - * / 1000
4 SWITCH 500
5 CASE 100
6 Digits(0-9) 100
7 goto 100
8 < > 50
9 & ^ ~ | 20
10 Alphabets(A-Z and a-z) 10
11  : ? % $ _ @ ! 10
12 = 5


Pair Programming

1. There will be two phases in the contest.

● Phase 1: 

       o There will be 9 problems from which one will be weighted.

       o Each of the non‐weighted codes will fetch 20 points if correct.

       o You need to submit as many codes as you can.

       o The taken codes need not be efficient.

       o In case of a tie, then the one with least weight is considered. If no one has submitted the weighted code, the first to submit is considered.

● Phase 2:

      o Shortlisted participants will have to remove something from their code.

      o You will be given all other participants' incomplete codes, which you will have to make whole again before submitting.

      o Cracking someone's code again will fetch you points but if your code gets cracked, you will lose points.



1. There will be two phases in the contest.

Phase – I : 

  1. In initial phase ,participant has to rob a bank to get some money in his/her account. 

  2. To rob a bank ,he/she has to bribe the security guards , disable the camera and alarms etc. 

  3. Unlock the safe within the given time limit. 

  4. Each safe has certain amount of money. 

  5. No. of safe he/she unlocks successfully ,total money will be credited to his/her account. 

Phase – II : 

1.Participants playing against each other.They have to design their security for safe withtin the given time limit or They can purchase some security.

2.After that other participants start breaching the security of safe.

3.Every stage has a timer.

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