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To all the coders and game developers out there, Pragyan invites you to the second year of the Game development program. Within a span of 14 days, teams will have to create the most intuitive game they can that both entertains and excels. Need an engine to start your work? 

Hop over to Humble Bundle, Get a game developer starter kit and begin your quest.How well one uses these 14 days to shape their game from code to polygons is up to them. Pragyan now presents the chance, for everyone to create their dream game.


Cash prizes worth INR 30000

 **This is a team event with a maximum of five members per team. The event consists of only one round.

● This is an online round.  

● Participants are requested to complete a task described in the Problem Statement.  

● This task will involve the creation of a game based on a certain theme described there.  

●The working game must be put up on Google drive with details of how to install and play the game.  

● The submission should be made on or before 11:59 pm, Feb 24, 2016.  

● Results will also be put up on the Pragyan website.

1. Relevance to the theme: A submission more relevant to the theme will be awarded more points. Weightage: 20%. 

2. Visual Appeal: A game with higher visual appeal will be better appreciated by the users and judges alike and will be awarded more points. Weightage: 10%. 

3. Gameplay: The most important aspect of every game. This will be judged based on the number and quality of meaningful interactions implemented in the game and how polished the game actually is. Weightage: 70%. The gameplay of the game will be judged based on a more comprehensive list of questions: Whether the core gameplay mechanics implemented are understandable and well‐polished. (60%) Whether the game performs well and responds crisply to input. (15%) Whether the game is easy to learn/use. (10%) Whether the game is appropriately challenging. (15%) NOTE‐There would be penalties for bugs and glitches.

Game Development Competition:  

● Maximum of 5 in a team.  

● The game can be created on any platform.  

● Any software can be used during game development.  

● Only original work will be accepted.  

●Only one submission per team is allowed but each team can upload updates. So only the last submission by a team will be considered.  

●All members of each team should register for the event. The mail should contain the e­mail addresses of each member of the team and each member should register in the Pragyan website.  

● Each submission should contain all files necessary, as specified in format.  

●Each team should identify one member as their leader. All interactions will be through that person.  

● Late submissions will not be entertained.  

● In case of dispute, the judge’s decision is final.

1. Is it maximum of 5 people or strictly a team of 5?

The maximum number of participants who can for m a team is 5. Individual participants can also join.    

2. Are cross‐college teams allowed?

Yes. This is not an inter­college competition. Any group of students who're inter ested in Game Development can join.    

3. I've graduated from college. Am I allowed to participate?

Yes anyone who is interested in Game development is allowed.    

4. Is any registration fee required?

No, there is no registration fee.    

5. Can I use third party tools and tech?

You can use all libraries, middle­ware, content creation and development tools that works for you as long as you can legally use them.    

6. What platform should my game be in?

The game developed can be built for any platform.    

7. Where should I submit my game?

For the first round, the working game as a zip file and the URL of the source code put up on Google drive with all the details mentioned previously.    

8. Is it mandatory to submit the source code?

Yes, it is mandatory to submit the source code.    

9. I know nothing about game development. Can I participate in this event?

Yes. We will provide some resources where you can learn game development.    

10. Can I make more than one game submission? 

No, you are not allowed to make more than one game submission. Though you can upload updated versions of game as many times as you want. 

11. Can I begin development before coming to Pragyan? 

No as the game has to be based on the theme which will be given. Release the theme.  

12. When will the results be announced?  

During Pragyan.

The entire details for Game Dev can be downloaded here

For event queries:

Rachit Rajat        9198598292 

Suman                8148593849

Email us at


For other queries:

Manohar             8220275688 

The theme for this contest is : Remake the Classics

Remake a classic game BUT present a modern take on the looks and the game mechanics.

e.g. add reverse time capabilities to a Mario brothers like game 

Have a text file explaining the new features you introduced.

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