1. Relevance to the theme: A submission more relevant to the theme will be awarded more points. Weightage: 20%. 

2. Visual Appeal: A game with higher visual appeal will be better appreciated by the users and judges alike and will be awarded more points. Weightage: 10%. 

3. Gameplay: The most important aspect of every game. This will be judged based on the number and quality of meaningful interactions implemented in the game and how polished the game actually is. Weightage: 70%. The gameplay of the game will be judged based on a more comprehensive list of questions: Whether the core gameplay mechanics implemented are understandable and well‐polished. (60%) Whether the game performs well and responds crisply to input. (15%) Whether the game is easy to learn/use. (10%) Whether the game is appropriately challenging. (15%) NOTE‐There would be penalties for bugs and glitches.

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