Pragyan CTF

The name stands for Capture The Flag, a popular military exercise and leisure game. The Pragyan version is an ethical hacking contest in which certain pieces of information called flags are hidden on servers, stored somewhere difficult to access. Bring a team ready to be tested on cryptography, steganography, application security, binary analysis, reverse engineering and other real world problems on their way to capture the flag.

The contest will be hosted at

Prizes worth INR 70000 to be won!


A Jeopardy style contest where hackers will be ranked based on their scores and times.

1. Participants attempting to attack the Pragyan server or to block the automatic judge will instantly be disqualified.

2. Hostile actions towards other players' machines/accounts will also disqualify a hacker.

3. Sharing flags or otherwise helping another time will result in disqualification too.

4. The Organizer's decision will be final.

1. I’m a complete newbie, can I participate?

Yes, you can. Learning is one of the most important objectives of this contest. Just go through the given resources and join our mailing list where we will be giving more tutorials for beginners.

2.  I’m not in Trichy / I’m not in India, can I participate?

Yes, all rounds of this contest will be online.

3. What do I need to participate?

You need a computer with an active internet connection, a modern browser and the ability to run Linux/Windows apps

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Some types of vulnerabilities:







The entire details for Pragyan CTF can be downloaded from here

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