Round 1

● This is an online round.

This round may be attempted on February 14th Sunday and 15th  Monday

  • The quiz can be attemted anytime during these 2 days

● Consists of 45 questions with a mix of subjective and objective questions

● Will test participants basics physics, mechanics, engineering

● Time limit is 50 minutes

● Only 1 submission per team is allowed and


Participants are requested to click the SUBMIT button once they complete the test within the stipulated time. Else the answers will NOT BE RECORDED.


Round 2

● Those shortlisted from Round 1 will take part in this Round 2.

● This is a design round which will be held on *date*

● Virtual components will be given.

● A computer model or scanned copy/photograph of hand drawn model must be uploaded.

● The design would be of a mechanism to perform a specified task.


Round 3

● This is the final round of testing, the game.

● The finalist would have to design and fabricate the equipment using the given materials.

● Matches will be conducted between teams.

● The six teams will be divided into two groups, comprising of 3 teams each. League format is carried out and top 2 from each group will be the semifinalists. Winners of semifinals play the final, and the losers of SF will play a game for the third place.

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