• Participants report to the venue with their machines.

  • Strict inspection of the machine is carried out according to the guidelines & regulations set by the organizers.

  • All selected teams will be given practice slots of 15 minutes each, after the inspection is completed.


Race Event:

  • Prelims:

  • All selected teams will now have to compete in a time trial.

  • Each team will be given a run of 2 individual laps & the best lap time will be considered.


Final Rounds:

  • This will be primarily a knockout round.

  • Head to head knock out races would be held to determine the Winner.


Free Style

  • All selected teams will perform a series of tasks (i.e maneuvering a football on to goal post. etc.) which will be informed half an hour prior to the event.

  • Points will be given based on execution of the tasks given.

  • The team with the highest points wins the event.

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