Get ready for an aero-modelling extravaganza as the platform is set for you to compete with skilled aero-modellers from all over the country. All you need to do is to design and fabricate a multi-rotor, whose speed, maneuverability and design will be tested along with your handling of it on various tracks.


27th Feb : 9:30am to 5pm

28th Feb : 9:30am to 5pm

venue -indoor stadium

 Prizes worth INR 70000


The event will be conducted in two stages:


The participants will have to submit an abstract of the design in the specified format on or before 10 February 2016 to quad@pragyan.org. Template of the specified format can be downloaded here


ROUND 1 - 8 Polygons will be marked in the arena as 8 check points, the participant should take off from 1st polygon, and should go through 2, 3… and 8th polygon to finish the round in sequence

ROUND 2 - Manoeuvring skills in a track consisting of bends, loops, 3D hollow objects placed in random sequence will be tested

NOTE :Transmitters will be provided for participants


  • Drone  has to go through 1,2,…,8 concentric polygonic check points  in the arena
  • Maximum 230 points, for the first round (160+70)
  • If the centre of the drone lies inside the inner polygon,20 points will be awarded
  • If the centre of the drone lies between inner and outer polygons,10 points will be awarded
  • If the centre of the drone lies  between outer polygon and the boundary around the check point , no points will be awarded
  • If the drone lands anywhere else other  than the mentioned places above, 5 points will be deducted
  • If the drones touches the ground (not on the check points), it will be considered as an attempt to land and 5 points will be deducted for the successive checkpoint as penalty , he can skip it and can go for next checkpoint in that case
  • A drone must land at a minimum of 5 check points out of 8
  • Piloting will be done from a circle of diameter 1 metre around which all the checking points are located


Check point will be like this, polygons might vary in the event, and this is just for your understanding

Sample Checkpoint














  • Hitting any obstacle in the track will cause a penalty of 5 points
  • If the drone moves outside the track 5 points will be deducted as penalty
  • Flight Time will be noted (T in sec)
  • The pilot can move around the arena/track for better view on drone
  • Best of two trails will be considered based on Normalized Points

Score calculation

  • Cumulative normalized points secured in each round will be considered for deciding the winners  
  • First round
    • 6 Seconds are equalized to 1 point
    • Normalized Points (NP) = Points scored +(7*60-T)/6
    • T(sec) is the time taken by the participant to finish the round
    • 5 points will be deducted as penalty each time a drone touches the ground outside the boundary of a checkpoint
    • Total score in the round = Normalized Points - Penalty points
  • Second round
    • 2 seconds are equalized to 1 point
    • Normalized points(NP) = (7*60-T)/2
    • 5 points will be deducted each time the drone goes outside the track / hit an obstacle
    • Total score in the round =Normalized points - Penalty points


  • Total score in the event= sum of final scores in each round
  • Maximum score possible= 230+210 = 440



Drone specifications:

  • Drone should fit in a box of 60x60x30 cm
  • Drone should be powered /propelled with Non-hydrocarbon engines
  • Pre-built frames can be used
  • Drones include Tricopter,Quadcopter,Hexacopter etc.,
  • Teams with Ready to fly (RTF) models will be disqualified, however pre-programmed boards is optional.
  • FPV, GPS or any kind of automated modules are not allowed
  • No restriction on material used in making the drone except propellers should be non-metallic.


Eligibility and Teams:

  • Students from any college/university can participate with valid Identity card  
  • A team can have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 students
  • Inter college teams are allowed
  • Any number of teams from a college can participate
  • One participant cannot be a part of two teams

Competition rules

  • Only 2 attempts will be given for a team in 1st and 3rd  round,
  • Only 1 attempt will be given for a team in 2nd round
  • Only one member should pilot the drone in one particular round throughout ( however pilots can be changed for other rounds )
  • Best of two trails will be considered, Normalized Points (NP=time+ points)
  • Flight time is the time taken by the drone to finish the respective round
  • A maximum time of 7 min will be given for 1st and 3rd rounds
  • The drone should be on the ground at  starting point  before the round starts
  • The timer will start from the moment the multirotor starts
  • Time will be considered till the drone lands on the 8th check point
  • Each team must have its own model. Exchanging of models is not allowed however components like battery, receiver, transmitter can be exchanged
  • A team can use only one model throughout the event in all the rounds.



  • Organizers decision will be final
  • Two sockets will be provided for each team at the event
  • Team members are expected to bring their own battery chargers
  • Organisers will not provide any component
  • Certificate of excellence will be awarded to the top 2 teams
  • Certificate of participation will be awarded for the participants



  • Is abstract submission compulsory?

          Yes , It is to know your progress and to help you if you are facing any problem with your fabrication

  • Should the same model/drone be used in all rounds?


  • Are there any restrictions on weight of the drone?

           Yes, Drone can weigh a maximum of 2.8 kilos including battery and receiver

  • Is the use of provided transmitter compulsary?    

           Absolutely not. Transmitters are provided only for the benefit of the participants not for any regulations.
           Participants are welcome to use their own transmitter.


  • Will any other component be provided from our side?

           No. Transmitter alonewill be provided for the teams who require it.


YouTube Video Links

Quadcopter -  http://bit.ly/1ZC3dno

Tricopter      - http://bit.ly/1MHkemI

Hexacopter -  http://bit.ly/1SmOM4t




Online stores for buying components






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Chinnu +91 9488624067

Vignesh SG +91 9497866598





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Design and fabricate a wireless RC flying platform that will tend to the needs and accomodate the requirements of various rounds in this event

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