"Feed fuel to your imagination ,provide food to your brain ,supply wings to your thoughts and give an Aakriti to your ideas."

In Sanskrit, ‘Aakriti’ means ‘Shape’. Shape represents more than a physical dimension. It tries to depict the idea behind the structure/form, and also the thought process behind the idea. How the idea ‘occurs’ or ‘happens’ to the individuals. We at Aakriti, wish to serve as a competitive platform for showcasing the designs of the participants, when subject to a series of constraints/expectations, to put their artistic and logical capacities to the test. Aakriti also serves as a learning platform for participants to receive valuable feedback from judges for their designs.

Aakriti, from its inception in Pragyan '06 is an Architectural Design competition solely for those who have a creative imagination and are looking for a platform to express their artistic skills and their vast knowledge of technology.


27th Feb : 1pm to 5pm


Cash Prizes worth 27000 INR to be won.!!

Consists of 2 rounds.


Online abstract submission before 20th Feb,2016.


The selected teams from round 1 are required to display their design presentations to the panel.

The designs are to be judged on a series of parameters, like aesthetic quotient,

 feasibility, uniqueness, etc.


This Design Competition involves the provision of a Design

Problem Sheet to the participants on which they work trying to combine the wide variety

of factors that they need to consider, study, solve, calculate, design and present to make

their product

·         Technically sound,

·         Aesthetically pleasing,

·         Practically feasible

·         Functionally secure, and

·         Culturally acceptable.

It tests your expertise in a large variety of software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros,

Photoshop and other related architectural softwares. It also tests your presentation skills.

Aakriti is an interdisciplinary event wherein the competitors have to put themselves

through a lot of study and research. It is not simply a design competition which tests your

creativity, but it also demands your technological/ engineering expertise and knowledge,

your understanding of the project’s feasibility and the provision of practical solutions for

the same.

1 . What exactly are resources meant for?

     The resources are meant only for the participant’s better understanding of the problem

     sheet. It is not intended for the participants to copy the ideas. It's just to give an idea of

     what we expect from the participants. It is purely meant for study and understanding.

     Similar approach towards the problem sheet will be appreciated.

2. Should the presentation sheets be of print format only?

    The presentation sheets should be of print format only, following all the guidelines

    mentioned in the problem sheet. However, the use of software to produce the end result is

     unlimited and is of the participant’s choice.

3. Will there be a pin up, followed by a jury presentation or directly jury presentation?

    There will be a pin up, followed by viewing by the jury members. The participants will

     be asked questions during the pin up. And the results will be released shortly after

     small speeches by our respected jury members.

4. Who can participate?

    Anyone interested in design and is currently an enrolled student of any undergraduate

    course in engineering or architecture can participate.

5. Can the team members be of different departments?

    Yes, the team members can belong to different departments and different years, as long

    they are still enrolled in an undergraduate course.

6. Is online registration compulsory?

    Yes, online registration is compulsory before the mentioned deadline on our website.

    Participants who want an extension on the registration deadlines can call up the

    organizers and talk to them.

7. How will I be informed about any changes in the date, timing or venue?

     The date, time and venue details will be mailed to the phone number or the point of

      contact among the participants.

8. Will participation certificates be provided?

    Yes participation certificates will be provided for participants who show up for the 

    event with their presentations. Not for those who registered but didn’t show up for the event.

For Event queries:

Siddharth Sivakumaran­   9677831689

Kartik Prakash Joshi­      9791392062

Vamsi Krishna­ ­              8148244257

Email us at­ : aakriti@pragyan.org

The problem statement can be downloaded from here.

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