"Feed fuel to your imagination ,provide food to your brain ,supply wings to your thoughts and give an Aakriti to your ideas."

In Sanskrit, ‘Aakriti’ means ‘Shape’. Shape represents more than a physical dimension. It tries to depict the idea behind the structure/form, and also the thought process behind the idea. How the idea ‘occurs’ or ‘happens’ to the individuals. We at Aakriti, wish to serve as a competitive platform for showcasing the designs of the participants, when subject to a series of constraints/expectations, to put their artistic and logical capacities to the test. Aakriti also serves as a learning platform for participants to receive valuable feedback from judges for their designs.

Aakriti, from its inception in Pragyan '06 is an Architectural Design competition solely for those who have a creative imagination and are looking for a platform to express their artistic skills and their vast knowledge of technology.


27th Feb : 1pm to 5pm


Cash Prizes worth 27000 INR to be won.!!

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