This Design Competition involves the provision of a Design

Problem Sheet to the participants on which they work trying to combine the wide variety

of factors that they need to consider, study, solve, calculate, design and present to make

their product

·         Technically sound,

·         Aesthetically pleasing,

·         Practically feasible

·         Functionally secure, and

·         Culturally acceptable.

It tests your expertise in a large variety of software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros,

Photoshop and other related architectural softwares. It also tests your presentation skills.

Aakriti is an interdisciplinary event wherein the competitors have to put themselves

through a lot of study and research. It is not simply a design competition which tests your

creativity, but it also demands your technological/ engineering expertise and knowledge,

your understanding of the project’s feasibility and the provision of practical solutions for

the same.

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