" The world is a concrete mix‐just the right amount of cement and water and you are 'SET'...! "

Concrete is a widely used material in the field of civil engineering – both, at the construction sites and for research purposes. A slight variation in the concrete mix can produce a significant change in the strength, setting period and other properties of concrete. Concrete is quirky and holds a lot of secrets, to be revealed only to those who dare to master it and this gives rise to our event, MORTAR MASTER, in Pragyan 2016.

The objective of the event is to design and produce concrete blocks of the least weight for a specified strength and size that would be mentioned in the problem statement. Quite simple isn’t it!! But, as an engineer, one has to be versatile. So, the teams who prepare a proper design mix report, cast cubes of impeccable finish and present a briefing of their work to the judges will be declared the ‘Mortar Masters’ at the end of the event!!

(P.S.: Don’t ask us why it isn’t Concrete Master; we just wanted our event name to sound less ‘coarse’


26th Feb : 12:30pm to 5pm


Prizes worth INR 27,000

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