The event can be divided into two stages (note: it isn’t two rounds). The first stage will include activities that you will be carrying out at your respective colleges and the second stage will be conducted at NIT‐Trichy.

Stage 1:

● Registration for the event
● Release  of the Problem statement.
● Designing the mix and casting three concrete blocks within the specified restrictions.
● Preparing a report of the design mix and its online submission to us before 20th of February 2016 by 11:59 pm.
Format of Mix Design report can be downloaded from here.

Note: Reports sent to will only be considered.

Stage 2:

● Bring the casted concrete blocks to our college during Pragyan.
● Weight, strength and size of the blocks will be tested.
● The submitted design reports would be evaluated and the team would be asked to give a brief oral presentation of their work upon which they will be questioned.
● Points would be awarded across each category (See Judging Criteria) and the winner will be adjudged accordingly.



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