The Contestants will be judged on the following points:

1.Minimum compressive strength & least weight: 

Teams with average compressive strength of their cubes greater than 30Mpa will be considered satisfying the eligibility criteria. Maximum weight of each cube should be 2.5kg with permissible error of 10% give or take.

The teams satisfying both the criteria will qualify for the oral round. In case the number of teams falling within this range is low, then the top six teams with minimum compressive strength (30Mpa) and least weight will proceed for the oral round.


The next section concerns only those teams that qualify for the oral round.

A total of 20 marks will be awarded for the average weight of concrete cubes. A perfect 20 will be awarded for least average weight. The other teams will be given scores in relative to the highest score achieved. The average strength of the three cubes over 30 Mpa will be divided by 5 and this will be added to the total score. For example an average strength of 35Mpa will get a score of 7.


2.Design report:

The design report to be submitted online will carry 20 marks, to be awarded by the judge. Additional weightage will be given for economical and eco-friendly design. Contestants are advised to stick with the design format provided in the Pragyan website.


3.Oral briefing:

The oral presentation will be conducted by our senior faculty member and judge Prof. Dr. C.Natarajan who will also quiz the team members on the submitted design report. This section will carry a total of 20 marks.

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