Pragyan Premier League

Need a way to channel all your excitement for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup into

something equally absorbing? Well, your days of irritating the rest of the world with

intimate facts about the game are over! Pragyan 2k16 brings to you the Pragyan Premier

League‐ the Fantasy Premier League to lose yourself in as you await the World Cup! Register

now as teams of two, and see if you have the managerial skills to buy the right players and

lead your team to the top of the points table, becoming the Pragyan Premier League 2k16



26th Feb: 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm( Auction round),  Venue: Orion North circle

27th feb : 10:00 am - 12:30 noon (finals) , Venue: Barn Hall


Online Portal opens at 11:59 PM on 15th Feb. VIsit for more.

Cash prizes  worth INR 20000.

  • Round 1 - Online Round
    • Online round, teams of up to 2 members.
    • 6 days, 6 virtual matches.
  • Round 2 - Onsite (During Pragyan)
  • Participants start with zero points.
  • For every match, all the players are awarded points based on their performance in the algorithmically simulated match.
  • The participant’s total score is the sum of his/her individual players’ scores (playing 11).
  • No points awarded for having balance money in the entire process,meaning user is free to spend the money given to him as much as he likes.
  • The top 16 teams qualify for the second round.
  • Game is played by a team of 2 members (max).
  • Each team should buy a squad of 16 players from the pool of players.
  • Each team retains these 16 players for all the matches in the first round (online).
  • Financial constraints and player combination (ratio of batman:bowler:all-rounder:wicketkeeper) constraints are present.
  • Each team chooses the 11 players for the virtual matches .
  • Virtual matches are simulated and scores of each player and team is determined.

1. Can I make changes to my squad after entering the game?

   No, you cannot make changes to your squad after choosing them. You can only pick your playing 11 from your squad for every match.

2. What playing combination should I use ?

 The number of Batsmen:Bowler:Allrounder:Keeper should be any of these.



















3. What happens if i do not submit a playing 11 for a particular match ?

    Your previous match’s playing 11 will be chosen automatically as your team.

4. Are multiple accounts allowed?

   No, you cannot do that. Any team found violating the rule will be disqualified immediately.

5. Are there any bonus points?

   No. There are no bonus points.

6. When will the matches be simulated?

    11:59 pm of every match day.

The entire details of Pragyan premier league can be downloaded from here

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