Unleash the thirst of Jack Sparrow in you, along with the skills of Tony Stark… Just kidding. It

is an online treasure hunt event which requires some technical expertise in encryption,

encoding (or decryption , decoding, likewise) to crack the levels, a little bit of general

knowledge, and a humongous amount of common sense other than web search.


The event is live. Play at

Visit for clues and discussions.

Cash Prizes worth INR 22000 to be won!!

There are several levels, clues to each are given, in different ways in the very same page,

which have to be cracked using a variety of skills, and once the dots are connected, the

answer has to be typed in the input text box in order to go on to the next level.

Other than web search, it involves some technical expertise in encoding and decoding to

crack the levels, common sense in huge amounts and a little bit of general knowledge.


Trial rounds will be held from the 7th of February to the 9th of February, 2016.

The main event will start from 16th February  and go on till 24th February, 2016.

● People are ranked in order of the levels completed.

● In case of ties, the person who completed the latest level earlier is ranked higher up.

   This means if two people A and B are solving level X+1, they will be ranked in the

   order they reached level X. This rule can be extended inductively to N people.

● Type in the correct answer after seeing the clues in order to pass to the next level.

● People are ranked in order of the levels completed.

● In case of ties, the person who completed the latest level earlier is ranked higher up.

● Data is stored in milliseconds, so the chance of a tie on that as well is negligible.

1. What is Labyrinth?

     Labyrinth is the online treasure hunt event of Pragyan, the annual Techno-managerial

fest of NIT Trichy. It requires you to find out an answer based on the clues given to you.


2. Who can participate in Labyrinth?

    Anyone who has a registered email ID can participate in Labyrinth.


3. How am I ranked?

    Players are ranked in the descending order of number of levels completed. For players

who have completed the same number of levels, the number of attempts are considered;

lesser the number higher the rank. If this parameter also matches, then the total time is



4. Where do I look for clues?

     Clues can be anywhere within the web page. Common places for clues include URL and

source code.


5. What do I do if I am stuck on a level?

     If you are stuck on a level, try your best to unearth all clues. In case of any queries, you

can visit the discussion forum.


6. What do I do if my answer has two or more words?

    The correct way to enter your answer is to enter your answer WITHOUT SPACES between

the words. All answer is in LOWERCASE. For instance, if the answer is “Jake Gyllenhaal”,

then you must enter “jakegyllenhaal”.


7. What skill set must I possess to participate in Labyrinth?

    The beauty of Labyrinth is that you do not require any technical skills to play it. Out of the

box thinking and Googling will help you the most. Not living under a rock definitely helps


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Visit for clues and discussions.


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For further queries:

Arjun Perezhi                 +91 8220284003



To find the answer key to level N+1 in level N, based on clues given on the page including

images, audio/visual information, page URL, page Title and Page source. Additional clues will

be given by moderators of the forum.

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