M Decoder

Are you witty enough to beat 'M-decoders'?

Imagine yourself lost in a maze full of challenges.
The only way to get out is by using your problem-solving and analytical skills.
Presented a range of puzzles and problems to solve, this one of a kind mathematical event seeks to bring out the best candidate amongst many.
Are you that invincible candidate?
Test your skills at this intriguing battle of wits.

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Event starts at 11:59 pm, 22nd February,2016.

Cash Prizes worth INR 15000 to be won!!

* It is a 6 day online event. 

* Each day 6 questions with different weightages(2-easy,2-medium,2-hard) and an encrypted

  puzzle(which gives a sequence of numbers ) will be presented.

* The participant has to solve only 1 out of the 6 questions(mandatory) and he may solve the

   puzzle(not mandatory) for bonus points.

* To aid the participant get a “better score” , an encrypted puzzle (as mentioned above) and  an equation

   will be presented to the participant.

Event Equation: AX=B

  * A (6*6 matrix) - Given to participant (which is frequently updated by the server to keep up the equation AX=B).

  * X (6*1 matrix) - To be encrypted from puzzle.

  * B (6*1 matrix) - Gives information about the number of participants.

* The Bonus answer will be completely related to the puzzle. i.e., the sum of all the values of matrix X is the bonus answer.

* So, solving the puzzle not only gets the person bonus points but also helps him get Matrix B(6*1matrix),

   which hints at the number of participants who solved at that time.

* The 6 questions will test basic concepts in algebra, combinatorics, geometry and related topics and some common sense. 



• The score (points) of the participant depends on the weightage of the question (more the 

weightage more the score) and also on the number of participants who have already solved 

that question at that time (ie... More the participants who have already solved that 

question lesser will be your score).

• The participant gets points only if he does the mandatory part right (ie. Even if the 

participant gets the bonus part right, he is not awarded any points if he fails to get the 

mandatory part right).



  • This is an individual event.
  • Only one question out of the 6 should be attempted per day.

1. What if the matrix is not decoded? Can we still solve the questions?

Ans. Yes, you can choose a random question and solve it. But your chances of getting a high score 

will be limited.

2. What is the most common strategy?

Ans. Let’s say you see a question with high difficulty, which can potentially fetch you many points. 

But suppose you find that many people have already solved this question, and only a few people have solved a relatively easier

question. In this case, solving the easier question is probably more profitable, since the score of a participant also depends on the

number of people who have previously solved the question. So the most common strategy is to decode the matrix and correlate it

with the graph in order to get maximum number of points.

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For Event queries:

R. Suraj Kiran                 8939467563

Aditya Balaji                   9003023810

Sreevatsan Madhavan   9566102288

Email us at : mdecoder@pragyan.org

For further queries:

Arjun Perezhi : 8220284003



Questions would test the analytical and strategic abilities of the participants.

Questions would be updated at 12 am every day.

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