* It is a 6 day online event. 

* Each day 6 questions with different weightages(2-easy,2-medium,2-hard) and an encrypted

  puzzle(which gives a sequence of numbers ) will be presented.

* The participant has to solve only 1 out of the 6 questions(mandatory) and he may solve the

   puzzle(not mandatory) for bonus points.

* To aid the participant get a “better score” , an encrypted puzzle (as mentioned above) and  an equation

   will be presented to the participant.

Event Equation: AX=B

  * A (6*6 matrix) - Given to participant (which is frequently updated by the server to keep up the equation AX=B).

  * X (6*1 matrix) - To be encrypted from puzzle.

  * B (6*1 matrix) - Gives information about the number of participants.

* The Bonus answer will be completely related to the puzzle. i.e., the sum of all the values of matrix X is the bonus answer.

* So, solving the puzzle not only gets the person bonus points but also helps him get Matrix B(6*1matrix),

   which hints at the number of participants who solved at that time.

* The 6 questions will test basic concepts in algebra, combinatorics, geometry and related topics and some common sense. 



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