(The words “Safe/Start”, “Obstacle”, “Jack Sparrow’s Map”, “Davy Jones’ Map”, “1000 Coins”, “500 Coins”, and “250 Coins” are kept only for understanding purposes and will not be present in the actual arena) 1. Two teams will be randomly chosen and will compete against each other.

2. Each team will be provided with a video feed of separate but identical arena i.e. one team will have access to the “Jack Sparrow’s Map” and other to the “Davy Jones’ Map” as shown in the above image.

3. The aim of the robot is to collect the loot amount that would be specified by the event managers. This will be provided to you before the start of your round.

4. Each coloured circle represents one loot chest. Red – 250 coins, Blue – 500 coins, Green –1000 coins (each is a circle of 35 cm diameter).

5. Arena: The centre of the three circles will be equidistant from the centre of the Deposition Centre. Each o arena will be of the size 2m x 2m. The obstacle will be printed on the track and will be of the size 15 cm x 15 cm.

6. The 30cm X 30cm black box you see at the centre is your Safe/Deposition Centre. The bot starts its run from here. We will start the timer for both the teams when either of the bot starts moving from rest.

7. Looting a Chest: The bot has to park on a coloured circle for a minimum of 3 seconds to loot the chest. The bot should not move during the three seconds. Violation of this rule is considered as a penalty (see Point 2 under Scoring).

8. Beware of your opponent: The chest that has been looted by your opponent will not be available to you until he deposits that loot in his safe. This is done by covering that loot in your map with a white sheet (this will completely cover the loot circle). If in case both of your bots reach the same chest within a time lapse of 3 sec, the chest will be available to both of you for looting. (Refer the image below for better understanding).

Here the Jack Sparrow’s bot has looted the Green coloured chest. Hence it will not be available for Davy Jones. This will be made available again only when Jack Sparrow deposits his loot in the safe.

. Depositing the loot: The 30cmX30cm black box at the centre of the arena is the Deposition Centre. Deposit your loot by moving your bot into the deposition centre. It is not necessary to stop/park the bot inside the black box. When all your bot's wheels are inside the black box, the loot gets deposited. . Don’t drown: Your bot can carry only two loot chests at a time. Before you collect your third chest, you should deposit your first two chests at the Deposition Centre.

. Picking two chests of the same value: Once you have looted a chest, you need to deposit it in the safe before looting a chest of the same value. Again violation of this rule will be considered as a penalty (see Point 2 under Scoring).



1. The timer is started for both the teams when either of the bot starts moving from rest.

2. The timer will be stopped when-

1. The Deposition Centre/Safe has loot value equal to or more than the target amount.

2. The bot refuses to move for more than 10 seconds.
Note: Separate timers will be maintained for both the teams, but the starting of timer will be done simultaneously.


Points = 10,000 - 5*Deficit - 2*Excess - 5*Time Spent - 100*Number of Penalties
Where the terms DEFICIT , EXCESS , PENALTIES are explained below-

1. What is a deficit?
Let us say that the bot has stopped working midway during a run. If the bot does not move for 10 seconds, the timer will be stopped, and the “deficit” is calculated as Deficit = Target amount - Amount in the deposition centre when timer is stopped For example, if the bot had already deposited 2250 coins, and the target was 3000 coins, the deficit is 750 coins.

2. How can there be an excess?
For example, let us assume that the target is 3000 coins. During the run, the bot has successfully deposited 3250 coins (2750 + 500) at the deposition centre. So, now the excess is 250 coins.

3. What are the violations that come under penalties?
The following two violations will be considered as “penalties”-
a. Running over a circle without stopping in it for 3 seconds.
b. Collecting more than two loot chests without depositing them. Every loot collected when your cargo is full is counted as one penalty each.
c.Collecting a same loot without depositing it.
d.Passing over an obstacle.

4. What if the scores of two teams are tied?
Time is then used as a tie breaker.

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