Seven Stones

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”



                                                                                                              -GRAHAM GREENE, the Power and the Glory

 Well here’s your chance to travel back to your childhood days and play the game of “7 Stones”, but with a twist.Seven Stones is a traditional game that finds its roots in India and is touted as one of the most complex children’s game. It is a game played between two teams in a bounded area involving a ball and a pile of flat stones. A member of one team (ATTACKERS) throws a soft ball at a pile of stones to knock them over. Now, the members of the other team, the STACKERS try to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team, the “Attackers”, try to stop them by throwing a ball at them. If the ball touches any one of the “Stackers”, he is no longer a part of the game and his team continues without him.

But the twist lies in the fact that this game is to be played between robots and not humans. Why should humans have all the fun after all?

Schedule: 27th Feb: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

                 28th Feb: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Venue: Indoor Basketball Stadium

CASH PRIZES worth 50,000 INR to be won.!!


1. All the registered teams will be divided into two groups - Group A and Group B.

2. In the preliminary round, each team will play against every other team in their

respective group. Top two teams from each group will proceed to the semi-finals.

3.In the semi-finals, the 1st position of Group A will play against the 2nd position holder of

Group B; and 2nd  position holder of  Group A will play against the 1st position holder of

Group B. Winners of the semi-finals proceed to the finals.   

  • Each Game is one to one match involving a “Team Red” and a “Team Blue”.
  • Each team has a Stack bot and an Attack bot.
  • The arena is divided into two zones -one for each team.
  • Each zone is further divided into two sub zones– a “Stacking Zone” and a “Shooting Zone”.
  • In the centre of the arena, there is a ramp which leads to a platform on which there is a structure containing red and blue coloured balls. A trigger in the form of a button has to be activated to release the balls onto the arena floor.
  • Each stack zone has 7 cubes each of different size. The largest box has a provision to place balls.
  • The stack zone has a circle in which the boxes have to be piled up.
  • The attack zone has a predefined loading spot where shooting balls will be loaded manually.
  • Each game is divided into two segments – “Autonomous Period” and “Manual Period”

Autonomous Period:

(Time Duration: 30 seconds)

  • Only the attack bot is activated and it is supposed to be programmed to perform the following tasks-
    • It must start from its initial position climb up the ramp towards the structure having the coloured balls.
    • On reaching the structure, it should activate the Trigger to release the balls onto the arena floor.
    • Then it should climb down the ramp and head back to the arena floor.
    • If none of the attack bots are able to release the coloured balls onto the arena floor, it will be done by the event managers manually at the end of the Autonomous Period.
  • There will be 30 seconds of transition time for
    • Releasing the coloured balls manually
    • Placing the attack bots on the arena floor at the respective start positions.

Manual Period:

(Total Time Duration: 8 minutes

        Initial 5 minutes is the Stack Period and rest 3 minutes is the Attack Period.)

  • During the stack period, the stack bot is expected to do the following tasks-
    • It should place the balls in the larger box.( 30 points per ball)
    • Keeping the largest box as the base, it should stack the remaining six boxes on top of each other.(Dimensions of the circle in the stacking zone is 70cm)
  • During the attack period-
    • The attack bot has to load the shooting balls from the loading area.
    • The attack bot has to shoot and disturb the piled up boxes of the opponent team.
    • Also, the stack bot can still try stacking the box.
    • The points are evaluated as given below:
      • 10 points for the base box and ten more points are cumulated for every additional box stacked further.
    •  For example, 10 points for the base, 20 points for the second box, 30 points for the third box. So the total on staking three boxes would add up to 60

    • The box dimensions are given in this format ( Length x Breadth x Height) cm

      1. Base Box (20 x 20 x 10)
      This box contains an opening of diameter 10cm so that balls can be placed inside this box

      2. Other Boxes are of the following dimensions 15 x 15 x 8
      12 x 12 x 8
      10 x 10 x 6
      8 x 8 x 6
      6 x 6 x 6
      6 x 6 x 6

The winner of a game will be decided on the basis of the total number of points earned. The

points will be allotted as given below-

Time Task Points



Climbing up the ramp 50
Release balls by activating trigger 30
Climbing down the ramp 20
Manual Period Placing the balls in the larger box. 30 per ball
Base box 10
Stacking Subsequent boxes 10 more than
lower box
  For disturbing each box by attacking bot 20

The points will be evaluated as : 10 points for the base box and ten more points for each

box being stacked. (For example, 10 points for the base, 20 points for the second box,

30 points for the third box. So the total on staking three boxes would add up to 60).


A penalty of 50 points would be imposed for any of the following case:

  • Damage of arena
  • Team member (apart from the controller) stepping inside the  arena.
  • Each team shall use only two robots (one shooting bot and one stacking bot).
  • Maximum dimensions of the robots at the start of the game are 400 mm in width, 400 mm in length and 400mm in height.
  • The robots can extend beyond the mentioned dimensions after the start of the match (applicable for both the bots).
  • The robot must be designed and constructed by the students themselves. If a self- designed PCB is used, a copy of the Gerber file or schematic has to be produced before the match.
  • Robot can be wired or wireless. In case of wired bot, the length of the cable should be atleast 4 meters and in case of wireless controlled bot, the communication of the bot should not interfere with the opponent bot (e.g. In case of RF controlled bot, make sure transmission is possible with two different frequencies).
  • The maximum voltage between any two points can be 12V.
  • Hydraulics or chemical energy should not be used for any mechanism, however pneumatics can be used, and in which case the pressure should be less than 6 bars.
  • If a team is using Li-Po or Li-ion batteries, it is the team’s responsibility to make sure there is no risk involved in its usage.
  • The robot or the operator shouldn’t modify or damage the arena in any case.
  • Cross College teams are allowed
  • Maximum number of participants per team is 6.
  • Only one player is allowed to control a robot at a time.
  • Except during the transition time, players are not allowed to enter the arena and make changes to the robots.

The entire details for Seven Stones can be downloaded here


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  • Each match involves the stacking of seven boxes by the Stack Bot in the stacking circle present in the stack zone and the Attack Bot trying to disturb the stacked boxes.
  • Each match will be played between two teams and the team with the higher score is the winner.

The participant should build (prior to the event)-

  • One stack bot (pick and place bot) capable of stacking boxes of different sizes one over the other.
  • One Attack bot that is capable of being autonomous (certain period of time) and aligning and shooting balls at the opponent’s stack of boxes (Shooting with user control).
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