The winner of a game will be decided on the basis of the total number of points earned. The

points will be allotted as given below-

Time Task Points



Climbing up the ramp 50
Release balls by activating trigger 30
Climbing down the ramp 20
Manual Period Placing the balls in the larger box. 30 per ball
Base box 10
Stacking Subsequent boxes 10 more than
lower box
  For disturbing each box by attacking bot 20

The points will be evaluated as : 10 points for the base box and ten more points for each

box being stacked. (For example, 10 points for the base, 20 points for the second box,

30 points for the third box. So the total on staking three boxes would add up to 60).


A penalty of 50 points would be imposed for any of the following case:

  • Damage of arena
  • Team member (apart from the controller) stepping inside the  arena.

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Developed by Delta Force.
Designed by NITT-Design Team.