Metalmate Robotics

The future of robotics lies in personalized robots for everyone. Metalmate, one of the leading forerunners in personalized robotics products, brings you a Robo dog which can interact with humans or can be controlled remotely. And to give you a sneak peak into the future of robotic gaming, they have an interactive robot ball game with sophisticated wheeler bots.

Infivention - Chess Automated

This Pragyan experience the game of Chess in a whole new dimension. With an automated version of chess, you can physically play a game with a computer or play with a friend over the Internet or watch real time chess tournaments physically over your chess board.

Inventrom - Bolt (formerly Netplug) and its products

Bolt is an Internet of Things platform that enables you to easily and quickly build IoT prototypes and products at an affordable cost. Inventrom's Bolt is one of the 35 startups to have been showcased at Indo-US Startup-Konnect Program in Silicon Valley in 2015 and also the winner of Internet of Things Tech 10 by Intel and IBM in 2014. Critically acclaimed by the media, Bolt is a product that can be used to control any electrical/electronic machinery using the Internet. Bolt will be demonstrated through its products iSafe Hooter, IoT Lighting and Smart Bell.

Lock Collection - Dr. Hiren Shah

Dr. Hiren Shah is a practicing pediatrician and a puzzle enthusiast. He is the only Indian member of the International Group of Mechanical Puzzlers in the last 35 years. He will be exhibiting a collection of various kinds of locks and giving a small talk on the international scenario of puzzling.

iBOTS - Smart Vehicles

iBots is an integrated high tech enterprise that specializes in research and development, sales of electric self-balancing scooter and other vehicles. They will exhibit Segaway styled scooters, smart wheels and various other battery operated products.

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