Binocular Football

A spin on football that only lets you see what’s in the distance. A chance to show off your feel for the ball with only visualizations to help you reach the goal. Is the image a trick or an aid. Find out at binocular football.The event will con

Laser Beam Maze

For those of you that were inspired by Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment and Yen in Ocean’s eleven, this is the chance to prove your flexibility and reflexes to the world. Make your way through the maze of laser beams and emerge at the other end to win amazing prizes! Brought to you Spider-NIT Trichy.

Flight Simulator

The wish to be a pilot is possibly one of the most common career options for a child. However, as reality sets in on us, we forget the perceived joys of being airborne. For most non-pilots, a flight simulator is the only way to relive that joy. And this flight simulator, brought to you by Flight 4 Fantasy, is as realistic as they come with a 4-D reconstruction of a fighter jet cockpit. You are the Captain and you decide the flight plan. Flaps up!


Get your nerves ready and your driving skills out for a tough ride as you ride an All Terrain Vehicle on our own conceptualised NITT Track! This track is no joke, its got the works: bumps, potholes, hill-climb, maneuvering, cornering curves, ditches, off-camber turns and even stepped sections. This is for the part of you that always wanted to use all wheel drive in a Jeep or a Land Rover, to really make the suspensions work for a living. This adventure is brought to you by Off-Road Adventures.

Sumo Wrestling

Ever wanted to feel the force of facing a Sumo warrior? The game will be a series of timed bouts on an inflatable arena with two fighters trying to make the other touch the ground with anything but their feet. Think you could be a rikishi? Throw on inflatable suits and give it a shot with your friends at GameScape, Pragyan 2016.


This is the kind of game one sees at Takeshi’s castle and is possibly the one that can take us back to our childhood days as you dodge a rotating battering ram with projections that try to knock you over, take out your feet, etc. The direction of rotation will be operator controlled and its a lot more difficult than it sounds! Try it out at Pragyan GameScape!

UV Football

World’s favourite sport and a tinge of technology, very hard to find this combination anywhere else. Experience the power of UV motivating you as you move, till every goal. Presenting UV Football, One dark room where the only thing glows is what matters in Football, A Ball, a goal and feet. Only at Gamescape, Pragyan 2016.

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