1. The timer is started for both the teams when either of the ​bot starts moving​ from rest.
  2. The timer is stopped for both when:
    • All the power cubes ​have been placed by one team.
    • At the end of 5min


Points = 50*Power Cubes Placed + 75*Ball Hit - 25*Penalties

  1. What is a ​Power Cubes Placed?
    No. of cubes placed inside the Grab zone. Note: This can be more than 4.
  2. What is ​Balls Hit​?
    Number of Power Cubes have been hit by your tennis balls
  3. The following two violations will be considered as “​penalties​”:
    • Moving outside the marked zone for each bot.
    • Red power cube falling into Green zone ​due to Red Teams’​error or vice versa.
  4. What if scores of two teams are tied?
    One who finished first will be the winner.

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