Aerogami is an event designed to rekindle our childhood memories in addition to being a comprehensive workshop for aerodynamics enthusiasts. This event aims to provide a simple, yet powerful, experience for people who are passionate about aeroplanes. After all, "Man has always wanted to fly high looking down upon the sea."

This event is basically divided into two parts.

1)The first part will happen before Pragyan in the form of an aerodynamics workshop for the students of NITT. This includes a seminar on basic aerodynamics followed by a fun competition, wherein participants are required to make different kinds of paper airplanes under guidance. The winners will be judged based on the distance of flight and time of flight after three trials each.

2)The second part will happen during Pragyan. It is essentially the same as mentioned above but will have a wider participation from students of various colleges and exciting goodies will be awarded as prizes.

Participants will be judged based on:

1)The time of flight of their plane

2) Range

No special prerequisites are required for the participants of the workshop.

Main Competition:

1)Two A4 sheets of paper will be provided on registration, which can be used to fold TWO paper planes.

2)EACH plane must be made out of ONE piece of A4 paper. They have to be built ON THE SPOT with the official paper provided.

3)Planes may only be made by FOLDING the paper. Tearing, pasting, cutting, etc., are not permitted. The entire sheet must be utilised in the construction of the airplane.

4) The same model can be used for all 3 trials. Only the best will be considered for your score.

5)The rules for the mini competitions will be made known on the spot.

What do I do at the competition, exactly?

#)Register at our stall.

#)Fold and launch your paper planes following the rules given.

#)Continue your journey with Pragyan while we get back to you with final results at the end of the day!

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