Fix It

As the old saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”

Be prepared to put your problem solving skills to test. The pressure is on, as these challenges will ask for nothing less than the best in you.

Participants will need to complete three rounds, where they will be expected to fix circuits, answer questions, and construct formations. The tasks must be completed on time, correctly, and most importantly, creatively.

Don’t miss your chance to win and grab exciting goodies!


The event consists of three rounds of which the first two round are qualification rounds.

The cumulative score of first two rounds will decide your qualification for the final round.

ROUND 1 (Tomb Craft)

In round 1, each team will be given a particular set of LEGO Building Blocks arranged in random manner.
The blocks will differ in length, breadth and height.
The teams will have to disassemble the blocks completely, get it verified from the organizers and form a Square pyramid of 12 blocks In height.


ROUND 2 (Technical Quiz)

For round 2, a pen and paper test will be given. The questions would be technical.


ROUND 3 (Fix the Circuit)

In round 3, a circuit will be given which must be assembled on a breadboard.

  • Round 1 will be of 20 points.
  • Round 2 will be of 60 points.
  • Teams having the highest points including round 1 and round 2 will be qualified for round 3.
  • Points in round 1 will be awarded to the team that assembles the parts fast and accurately.
  • If the participants exceed the time limit point  will be awarded based on their work.
  • -1 point for each time participant approaches to the event manager for help.
  • -1 point for wrong answer in Quiz.
  • -1 point for losing 5 LEGO components.
  • 1 point for damaging any electrical component in third round.
  • Team completing the task first will be awarded with 2 points.


  • Only 2 members in a team

  • Take care of the components properly.

  • Organizers’ decision is supreme and binding in all cases.

1. Who can participate?

Students from any college can participate. If you have never worked with electronic parts or meddled with your old PC before then fear not, just read a little about how to handle electronic parts. Rest we will help you before the competition.

2. How many can participate? 

Two members are necessary to participate.

3. I am currently not enrolled in a college. Can I participate?
No. Only those with a valid college ID can participate.

4. Is pre-registration necessary?
No. You can register on-spot too.

5. Will participation certificate be provided?
No, but goodies or prize money will be provided.

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