Fox hunt

A treasure hunt is just what you need to light up your lives. Participants will be given an app containing the clues. The app comes with a lock to ensure all teams begin at the same time. The clues will help to find the null point of the three transmitters where the main clue will be kept.
However, keep in mind: the clock is ticking. The treasure must be found within the stipulated time and brought to the starting point, as a proof of completion within time.

The event will be conducted with a minimum of 6 teams per session.

Each team should consist of three members.

Spot registrations are allowed.

The team which finds the maximum number of transmitters will win the goodies.

If no team is able to locate the treasure, then the teams which are closest to the treasure at the end of the given time will be announced as winners.

Organizers’ decision will be final.

  • The task must be completed within the specified time.
  • The participants must not try to open the lock of the app before the declaration of the key by the event managers.
  • Motor vehicles are strictly not allowed.
  • Treasure will be at the null point which can be found out using the clues given by the app.
  • Event manager's decision is final.

1. Is it strictly a team of 3?

Ans. A maximum of 3 members are allowed. It is advisable to have 3 in a team.

2. Will one android phone suffice?

Ans. At least one android phone is necessary for the event. Teams without an Android phone will not be allowed to participate. It is advisable to have Android Version Ice Cream Sandwich (Version 4.0) or higher.

3. Will the app work in a Windows Phone or iOS too?

Ans. No. The app is only compatible with Android Phones. It is advisable to have Android Version Ice Cream Sandwich (Version 4.0) or higher.

4. Will the instructions on how to use the app be given?

Ans. Following the installation of the app on your phone, all instructions regarding usage of the app will be given.

5. Should we register pre-hand for the event?

Ans. On-Spot Registrations are allowed. Timings will be announced later.

6. For how long will the event be held?

Ans. The event will be held throughout the day.

7. Are cross-college teams allowed?

Ans. Yes.

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Clues will be given to the active teams in order to find the places of the transmitters.

The three signals from the three transmitters coincide at a particular region. Treasure will be put up at the place of coincidence of signals. Several other fake treasures will be put up at different places.

The participants should bring the correct treasure to the organizers along with a screenshot of the three signals to get the prize.

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