Memory challenge

Are you the Master of your mind? Do you have ultimate control over your memory? Take the Pragyan Memory Challenge to find out!

This Pragyan, get ready to have your mnemonic skills tested. Jump through a series of three rounds, and be able to recall the most words, numbers, and audio, in the correct order, to be crowned as the master of retention.

Round 1:

Deck of Cards

  • Participants are shown deck of cards to be memorized in 1 minute

  • 5 min recall time

  • Each card has 1 point

Round 2:

The Chess Board

  • Participants will be shown a picture of a chess board and they have  to memorize the positions of all the chess pieces in 1 minute.
  • 2 min recall time
  • Each piece carries 1 point

Round 3:

Code - Decode

  • Participants are shown 20-25 words with their corresponding codes to be memorized in 2 minutes. Then they are provided few codes which they need to decode into sentences and few sentences which they need to code.
  • 2 minutes recall time.

The winner will be selected based on the scores they receive in all three rounds.

Scores achieved in all the three rounds are the only criteria.

  • No teams, Only Individual participation.

  • No elimination

  • Registrations close 15 minutes before the event

  • Event manager’s decision will be final and binding.

1. Where can I find similar events for any reference?

Ans: You can look out for the International Memory Challenge online for the types of rounds.

2. Do I have to prepare myself for the event in any way?

Ans: Learning techniques like Mind Mapping to increase memory will be helpful for the competition.

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