Puzzlemania will be held in two rounds for 3 days (Day 1, 2 and 3).

● Level 1 will be conducted for the first two days in both, morning and evening shifts,

with each shift of 90 minutes. Level 1 will be an elimination round and its cutoff will depend upon the performance

of the participants.

● ROUND 2:


No of players: 2
Things needed: Completed sudoku and pen/pencil
How it works
 Let us imagine a sudoku map as a collection of 9 TicTacToe maps.
In TicTacToe, we use X and O s, here we use shapes( preferably squares and circles)
Different way of giving points.

The game begins here
Player 1: Makes a outline of square in any number in the map except at the centre of 9 squares( as we all know , centre place is so advantageous)
Player 2: Makes a circular outline in any unit.

Then the next player should shade, a number in their shape , with a rule as follows
Where x is his old number and n is his choices for the  new number.
This goes on and on,with players making squares and circular shades.

3 continuous units = 1point
Common unit that completes 2 rows=2 points
differently if you fill 5 units with your shape in a 3x3 square =1 point.

Points add up.

Winner is the one who reaches 13 points.