Science solitaire

Are you a believer of deterministic world or the one of free will? Either way, a game of cards sums it all up. It is deterministic when it is your chance to play, and it is free will when it is the other hand in action. So why to wait when you can experience the feeling of being the creator?

This Pragyan, tune your neural wiring right and get set for an unpredictable intellectual adventure. Bringing to you, "SCIENCE SOLITAIRE" - a game of cards with an added flavor of Science. Solve it, pass it, group it - play it right to venture victory!

-Individual event or team (max 2 per team )
- Multi round event

-Number of rounds depends on number of participating teams.

-Each round is eliminative.


Preliminary round:

-Batches are made according to the number of participants.

-Each batch has 5 teams



-Each game will have 108 cards in total (8 cards of each specification like ace, K + four Joker cards).

-Cards basically are of four types: Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, clubs and each type has specifications A, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,K,Q.

-Each set has 54 cards with 2 jokers. Two sets of such cards are used and so 108 cards.

-Each card will have a question related to physics on it.

-Each team will be given 9 cards and a team gets an extra card.

-Teams will have to solve questions on cards and sort the answered cards in specified manner.

-They have to make triplets like (2, 2, 2), (K, K, K) etc. of solved cards.

-If a team gets a joker card and are able to solve it then they can club it with any other two similar cards to form a triplet like (joker, 7, 7).

-Initially five minutes are allotted for all the teams to check the cards and sort them.

-Each will have a maximum time of 1 minute to pass on a card to the next team.

-Now the next team will have a choice of either accepting the passed card or picking one from the reserve deck of cards.

-The circulation continues.

-Judgement is based on Judging criteria.

-Winner of each batch commence to the preceding round.


Multi round event:

-Number of rounds depends on the number of participating teams.

-Further rounds will be same as preliminary round.

At the end of 25 minutes the teams will be awarded points based on the cards and their answers.


Points are based on the type of cards they solve.

-Joker card will be awarded with 15 points. Similarly, A    with 14, K-13, Q-12, J-11 and cards from 2 to 10 with points ranging from 2 to 10.

-Each solved card will be awarded 10 points more. So a solved Ace card will be awarded with 10 +14 = 24 points.

-Bonus points will be awarded for triplets as follows :

            Triplet of ace (A,A,A) - 45 points.

Triplet of kings (K,K,K)- 40 points.

Triplet of queen (Q,Q,Q)-35 points.

Triplet of jack (J,J,J)-30 points.

Triplet of any number (2 to 10)-20 points.

-If two teams gets same points priority is given to the team which answer certain difficult questions.

Maximum 2 participants per team.

-Maximum time limit of 40 to 60mins for each game.

-Only pencils should be used for writing answers on the card.

-A passed card should not have anything written on it. (If written, must be erased)

-Usage of Mobiles is strictly prohibited.


1.What is physics solitaire all about? 
A: Solitaire is an event designed to make physics even more interesting. It is basically a game of cards involving physics in it.

2. How to play physics solitaire? 
A: Each team will be given cards with a physics question on it. Teams have to solve the questions and sort the solved cards in specific manner.


3. How to sort the cards?
A: Each team will be given 9 cards.
Teams have to solve and make triplets of same kind of solved cards. Eg: (2,2,2), (K,K,K) etc.


4. What is the level of questions asked?                                       
A: Basic physics questions will be asked. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and interest in physics. 


5. What type of questions are asked? 
A: Straight answer type or single answer type questions are asked.        


6. Is there any time limit?             
A: Each game will have a maximum time limit of 40mins to 1hour. Teams have to play the game and sort the cards they solve within this time limit.              


7. How is the winner decided?     
A: Any team which gets highest points within the time limit is decided the winner. If any team doesn't make three triplets within the specified time then priority is given to the team sorting cards of higher preference. It depends, like winning team may have three triplets or may be less.


8. Who can participate in this event? 
A: Students from any class are eligible to take part in solitaire.


9. Can we make a triplet of consecutive cards like (1,2,3),(4,5,6)?
A. No, triplets of consecutive cards will not be awarded any points.


10. What if the answer written on the card is wrong?
A. The card is not evaluated and is not considered among the triplet.

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Sample Questions:

1. What is the escape velocity on earth?

A. 11.2km/s


2. What is the approximate schwarzchild radius of earth?

A. 9mm


3. A body moving with a speed of 108m/s has a laser source on it .A stationary observer measures the speed of laser light as ………..?

A. 3 x 108 m/s.

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