-Individual event or team (max 2 per team )
- Multi round event

-Number of rounds depends on number of participating teams.

-Each round is eliminative.


Preliminary round:

-Batches are made according to the number of participants.

-Each batch has 5 teams



-Each game will have 108 cards in total (8 cards of each specification like ace, K + four Joker cards).

-Cards basically are of four types: Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, clubs and each type has specifications A, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,K,Q.

-Each set has 54 cards with 2 jokers. Two sets of such cards are used and so 108 cards.

-Each card will have a question related to physics on it.

-Each team will be given 9 cards and a team gets an extra card.

-Teams will have to solve questions on cards and sort the answered cards in specified manner.

-They have to make triplets like (2, 2, 2), (K, K, K) etc. of solved cards.

-If a team gets a joker card and are able to solve it then they can club it with any other two similar cards to form a triplet like (joker, 7, 7).

-Initially five minutes are allotted for all the teams to check the cards and sort them.

-Each will have a maximum time of 1 minute to pass on a card to the next team.

-Now the next team will have a choice of either accepting the passed card or picking one from the reserve deck of cards.

-The circulation continues.

-Judgement is based on Judging criteria.

-Winner of each batch commence to the preceding round.


Multi round event:

-Number of rounds depends on the number of participating teams.

-Further rounds will be same as preliminary round.