At the end of 25 minutes the teams will be awarded points based on the cards and their answers.


Points are based on the type of cards they solve.

-Joker card will be awarded with 15 points. Similarly, A    with 14, K-13, Q-12, J-11 and cards from 2 to 10 with points ranging from 2 to 10.

-Each solved card will be awarded 10 points more. So a solved Ace card will be awarded with 10 +14 = 24 points.

-Bonus points will be awarded for triplets as follows :

            Triplet of ace (A,A,A) - 45 points.

Triplet of kings (K,K,K)- 40 points.

Triplet of queen (Q,Q,Q)-35 points.

Triplet of jack (J,J,J)-30 points.

Triplet of any number (2 to 10)-20 points.

-If two teams gets same points priority is given to the team which answer certain difficult questions.