Star Gazing

The famous astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”.

If the twinkle in a star brings out the sparkle in your eyes, be prepared to have a stellar experience, as you look into celestial bodies that are light years away.

Bringing to you the opportunity to gaze upwards at the sky and discover what truly lies beyond the human eyesight, is the Star Gazing Event. It promises to please your senses as the Pleiades star cluster, the many layered clouds of Jupiter, the beauty that is the Orion Nebula and so much more, are brought to light.

And who knows? Once you discover a world that's new, the world you know may never seem the same anymore.

  • An exhibition event.

  • No rounds. Registered participants are also provided with a star chart, which helps in identifying any constellation at a given time of the year.

No official judging required for this event.  

  • An enthusiastic, inquisitive and open mind.

  • Treat the means to the world beyond- Telescope, Camera and other equipment- with care.

Contact Event Managers for doubts.

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Coming up Soon!!!

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