Adaventure Prime

1.      You will be given a 3d map to traverse.

2.      By traversing the map you need to find access codes for different levels.

3.      These access codes have to be entered into the main website to get access to the subsequent levels.           .

4.      It is a multi-level game.

5.      Each level will contain various coding and debugging-based questions.

6.      All the instructions regarding the levels will be shown during their run.

7.      Participants need to follow the instructions and proceed with the game.



1. There will be multiple phases in the contest.

● Phase 1:

a.  The participants must rob the given bank and get some money in their accounts.

b.      This will involve bribing guards, disabling cameras and alarms, etc.

c.       Unlock the safe within the given time limit.

d.      Each safe will have a fixed amount of money.

e.      Every safe the participant cracks will credit money to his/her account.


● Phase 2:

a.    Shortlisted participants will have to design a security system for their safe within a stipulated time.

b.    After the stipulated time ends, every participant have to start trying to breach each other’s safes.

c.      Every stage will have a timer.