1. What should be the size of the team?

   A team can have a maximum of 2 members.


2. Do I need to be an experienced programmer?

No. But it is recommended. Although, most questions would be solvable by having clear understanding with basic concepts of programming.


3. What languages are allowed for the final round?

C or C++.


4. What language will the written round (Preliminary Round) have?

 Most questions will be of Debugging and input-output type , without any programming. But if programming questions are present, they will in C/C++.


5. Do we need to bring our own computer systems for the event?

   No. The Preliminary Round will be a written round. And for the Final Round we will provide you with computer systems.


6. Can we use Third party libraries for the programming questions ?

  Third party libraries will not be expected and their usage will not fetch any points. Do not use them, unless explicitly specified during the event or in the question.


7. Can we use Disassembler tools for the Final round ?

   Disassembler tools will not be provided for the final round. Participants will have to rely on their analysis skills to reverse-engineer the source code of the given executable file.