• Are we allowed to access the web during the finals?

No, the teams will not be allowed to access the web. However if the organisers feel the need for it they can make ebooks like CLRS (for DS & Algo) available to the needing participants.

  • Can less than three participate in the event?

Team of three is compulsory for the finals - no more, no less. In the prelims exceptions can be made for a team size of less than three in case of clashing events etc. Upon qualification if the team fails to participate in full strength in the finals, the team will be removed from selection and the next best deserving team will be given a chance to participate in the finals.

  • Will the test cases be made available during the contest as part of being questioned on its validity?

No. The test cases are designed such that they eliminate the inefficient solutions. They would be thoroughly tested on the most efficient algorithms on multiple platforms. In the last three years we have never faced the need to entertain any queries regarding the validity or authenticity of the questions or the pertaining test cases.