OFF CAMPUS: Online test

  • This round is eliminative.

  • Online quiz will be held from 17th February, 7:00 pm to 11:59 pm 19th February.


Level-1: Objective round (multiple choice round)

Level 2:  Subjective round: A question will be released as soon as the objective round is completed, to which the participants have to submit their answer in the space provided on the site.

  • The top 40 teams from the online rounds will be selected for the on-site round.



Theory session:

  • Initially, the students will be taught exclusively few topics which are necessary to finish the final task. Then, there will be an assessment test at the end of the session, so that the students can improve to equip themselves for the final task.

  • This assessment is non-eliminative.

Final round:

  • This round involves the practical implementation of circuits for the problem statements which would be given on the spot.

  • The question will cover the concepts from the online tests and the theory class.


  • Duration: 3 hrs.

  • 40 teams divided into 2 batches of 20 with 2 different slots.    

  • Teams will be given some amount of virtual money.  

  • Components required for every problem statement will be on sale.

  • Depending on their problem statement, teams should decide their components and buy them with the provided virtual money.