There will be 2 rounds of this event, as follows:

    Round 1: Abstract Submission(Online)

         All the abstracts should be sent to on or before 24th February 2017.

        The format for abstract submission can be downloaded from here. 

    Round 2:

        Final testing of the working models to be done on the actual day of the event. Participants will have to choose from endothermic and exothermic reactions, and their heat engines will be put to the test using their choice of reactions and chemicals.


Sample reactions

  • Exothermic

      Fe+2HCl   à  FeCl2+H2,    H=-89.12KJ/mol

                                                    T=25.25/mol of products

      Cacl2+H2O à   2CaO+4HCl,      H=-128.35KJ/mol

                                                              T=40.9/mol of products

  • Endothermic

               H2O+NH4NO3   à        NH4OH+HNO3,     


               2NH4Cl+Ba(OH)2.8H2O   à    2NH3+BaCl2+10H2O