Show that you are on your way to becoming a real life Tony Stark by building a hydraulic arm without electronic components. Prove your understanding of fluids and their dynamics by using Pascal’s Law to manipulate your hydraulic arm. Your arm must be able to perform a variety of tasks that doesn’t include shooting missiles. As you eye for glory, it is how you handle your hydraulic arm when you go head to head against opponents that will determine your victory. Exciting prizes are awaiting the winners.

Schedule:  10 am to 5 pm -- March 5, 2017.

                CASH PRIZE - INR 25000

Stage 1 :

The participants will have to submit an abstract of the model on or before 19th February, 2017, to hydro@pragyan.org. The template of the specified format can be downloaded here.

Stage 2 :

On campus rounds:

Round 1 :

    • Picking up different sizes of boxes and placing them in their respective slots.

    • Dimensions of slots will be provided.

Round 2:

    1. It is similar to real life golf.

    2. Ball from one end of the arena will have to be aimed at a slot located at the center of arena.

    3. The arena will be inclined to aid the ball downward from a higher plane which will be the point of contact between the ball and arm.

    4. Only 3 trials will be given.

    5. Points will be awarded depending on the distance between the ball and the slot.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\hydro Round 2.png


Round 3:

Knockout Round

    1. Maximum 6 teams will qualify for this round.

    2. Two teams will compete to pierce the object placed on opposite sides of the arena and the team which completes it first wins.

    3. Each team will get 5 minutes to pierce their opponent’s ring.

    4. Teams will be switched after 5 mins.



Round 1:

  1. Time taken to place the boxes into the slots.
  2. Negative Points for placing a box into wrong slot.
  3. In case of a tie, the number of operators (minimum) and the design of the arm will be the deciding factor.


 Round 2

  1. There will be 10 checkpoints on either side of the slot taken lengthwise and 5 checkpoints on either side taken breadthwise.
  2. The slot will be located at the centre of the arena at the coordinates (10,5) as shown in the figure (Green spot).
  3. The distance between the coordinates of the ball and the slot will be measured.
  4. Average of distances in three trials will be considered for qualifying to the final round.
  5. The teams with the least average distance will qualify to the next round.


Round 3:

  1. Maximum of 5 rings will be given in a maximum time of 5  minutes.
  2. Number of rings pierced in 5 mins will be taken for final score.
  3. Each ring pierced will be allotted 5 points.
  4. Each ring defended by the defending team will earn 2 points.
  5. Points = ((5*no. of rings pierced) + (2*no of rings defended))
  • Maximum of 3 members per team.

  • Height of bot should not exceed 50 cm (for 1 degree of freedom).

  • All the joints of the arm must be actuated hydraulically and manually operated.

  • The control must not be mounted on any of the moving parts of the arm.

  • Participants are allowed to use any material.

  • No part of the arm should cross the demarcation line before the commencement of the event.

1. Who can participate?

A.) Students from any college or university can participate in this competition. You can check out the links given if you need technical help regarding the event.


2. How many members can be there in a team?

A.) Minimum number of participants=2

Maximum number of participants=3.


3. I have graduated from college and am not currently a student. Can I participate in the competition?

A.) No. Only those participants who have a valid Pragyan id can participate. Pragyan IDs will be issued only to students.


4. Is this event open only for mechanical engineers?

A.) No. This event is open for all branches of engineering and technology because it is a pure science initiative.


5. Do we have to pay a registration fee for the event?

A.) No. Registration for this event is free of cost.


6. Do we get a certificate for participation?

A.) Yes.


7. Is there any size limit for the abstract to be submitted?

A.) Abstract file size should be less than 1 MB. Also include your team members’ names.

To design and fabricate a hydraulically actuated arm, which can pick and place objects and complete the given tasks under the given conditions.

Ritik Verma            :    7786072543

Ayush Khurana      :   9003531061

Subhadeep Aich    :   9790485398


Email us at hydro@pragyan.org


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