Stage 1 :

The participants will have to submit an abstract of the model on or before 19th February, 2017, to The template of the specified format can be downloaded here.

Stage 2 :

On campus rounds:

Round 1 :

    • Picking up different sizes of boxes and placing them in their respective slots.

    • Dimensions of slots will be provided.

Round 2:

    1. It is similar to real life golf.

    2. Ball from one end of the arena will have to be aimed at a slot located at the center of arena.

    3. The arena will be inclined to aid the ball downward from a higher plane which will be the point of contact between the ball and arm.

    4. Only 3 trials will be given.

    5. Points will be awarded depending on the distance between the ball and the slot.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\hydro Round 2.png


Round 3:

Knockout Round

    1. Maximum 6 teams will qualify for this round.

    2. Two teams will compete to pierce the object placed on opposite sides of the arena and the team which completes it first wins.

    3. Each team will get 5 minutes to pierce their opponent’s ring.

    4. Teams will be switched after 5 mins.