●  Round 1

❖ This is an online round.

❖ This round may be attempted at anytime from  6 PM, February 14th (Tuesday) to 18th (Saturday).

❖ Consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

❖ Will test participants on Basic Physics, Mechanics and Engineering.

❖ Time limit is 1 hour.

❖ Only 1 submission per team is allowed.

 Participants are requested to click the SUBMIT button once they complete the test within the

stipulated time. Otherwise, the answers will NOT BE RECORDED.


● Round 2:

❖ Those shortlisted from Round 1 will take part in this Round 2.

❖ This is a design round which will be held on 22nd February 2017. 

❖ Teams will be asked to come up with an abstract design.

❖ A computer model or scanned copy/photograph of hand-drawn model must be uploaded.

❖ The design would be of a mechanism to perform a specified task.

● Round 3

❖ This is the final round (fabrication and playing the game using the fabricated equipment)

❖ The finalists will have to design and fabricate the equipment using the given materials.

❖ Matches will be conducted between teams.

❖ The six teams will be divided into two groups, comprising of 3 teams each.

League format is carried out and top 2 from each group will be the semifinalists.

Winners of the semifinals play the final, and the losers of SF will play a game for the third place.