The event consists of the following rounds:

● Abstract submission:

The deadline for abstract submission is February 24, 2017. All the abstracts should be sent to The format of the abstract can be downloaded from here.

Participants must mention the length and width of the boat, RPM of the motor used and voltage of the battery. In case, more than one motor or battery is used, it should be mentioned in the abstract.

● Round 1

Round 1 is a speed testing round in which the participants will have a race. The teams are divided into slots of five participants each and the races are conducted for every slot. Points will be awarded according to the time taken by the participants.

● Round 2

Participants will be provided with a mixed zigzag path and they will attempt to complete it in minimum time. Points will be rewarded according to time taken by each participant.

● Round 3

Round 3 will be an obstacle round where the entire arena will be divided into 5 check-points. Each checkpoint will have certain obstacles. The first checkpoint will have fixed balls, the second checkpoint will have pads, the third checkpoint will have floating balls, the fourth checkpoint will have rings and the fifth checkpoint will have a blower as obstacles.